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From Nervous Nellie to Confident Canine

Tuesdays at 6:30pm ET beginning November 7th

Helping your nervous dog blossom into a

Working spots: $295      Auditor spots: $120

Is your dog nervous about new things, anxious in unfamiliar places, or shy around people or other dogs?

Do they bark, lunge, or growl at things while out on walks, or even at home?

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to support them without feeling allll of the stress yourself?

If that sounds familiar, then this class is for you!

From Nervous Nellie to Confident Canine is a group class designed just for guardians of nervous, shy, or anxious dogs! In this 5-week live virtual group class you will learn how to help your nervous dog blossom into a confident and comfortable pup. We'll empower you with actionable skills and knowledge so that you and your dog can get through life's most challenging moments, together.

Let's turn your Nervous Nellie into a Confident Canine!

5 weeks of live virtual group classes (Tuesdays at 6:30pm ET starting November 7th)

Join us for weekly live virtual group classes where you'll learn lots of skills and knowledge to help your dog build their confidence. Or watch the recordings if you can't make the virtual sessions!

Gain a better understanding of your dog and their behavior

Learn about dog body language, why dogs might be nervous or shy, and what "confidence" can look like

Learn actionable skills and the knowledge of when and where to use them

We'll cover creating enrichment plans for nervous dogs, how to advocate for your dog at home and in public, helping your dog feel comfortable in new environments and around new things, training games to boost their confidence, and more!

Working spot students get extra feedback and one-on-one training time

Working spot students will receive live feedback during our weekly group class training time plus get two personalized one-on-one virtual training sessions with Rover Rehab trainer Lyz.

Downloadable resources to support your learning

Weekly workbooks, handouts, training skills worksheets, and helpful articles to refer to throughout the class.

Access to an online support community with dog guardians who get it

Connect with other dog guardians who understand what it is like to live with and love a nervous dog. We'll be sharing training activities, supporting each other through hard moments, and celebrating wins both big and small.

What Students Are Saying About From Nervous Nellie to Confident Canine

 "I love the worksheets and the way Lyz presents info to the class. She is so positive yet also realistic with the environments we are in."

 "The 1:1 time is priceless and getting real-time feedback during class has been great and so helpful."

 "Lyz offers specific and nuanced responses to training questions and makes everyone in class feel consistently included."


Working Spot

  • Access to all weekly calls
  • Workbooks & resources for each class
  • Q&A and live trainer feedback during group calls
  • Two 45-minute one-on-one virtual training sessions
  • Access to online support community

Auditor Spot

  • Access to all weekly calls
  • Workbook & resources for each class
  • Q&A during weekly calls
  • Access to online support community
  • Auditor Office Hours after the last class for final questions & training help

*There are a set number of sliding scale pricing slots available for this course, for both working and auditor spots. If you are interested in a sliding scale slot please complete this form and I will send you information on how to access the sliding scale pricing. To read more about sliding scales check out this post.

Lyz - Rover Rehab

Lyz is a multi-certified dog trainer and the owner of Rover Rehab Dog Training, a positive reinforcement training and behavior consulting company based in Boston, MA. Rover Rehab specializes in training newly adopted dogs and helping fearful and reactive dogs build their confidence, and offers a variety of in-person and virtual training options. Learn more about Lyz at