Intro to Lower Stress Vet Visits (mini course)

Course Summary

A mini course about reducing stress at the vet. This course includes:

  • 4 modules of comprehensive course content that you can work through at you and your dog's pace
  • Learn about body language and canine communication
  • Get tips on how to prepare for your veterinary visits and how to advocate for your dog in the veterinary setting
  • Strategies for increasing safety and comfort at the vet

Course Pricing

  • Lower Stress Vet Visits Mini Course
  • $39 USD

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Course Curriculum

Are you interested in more in-depth learning? Check out our Practical Skills course for even more content, tutorials, a downloadable Vet Visits Planner, and access to weekly live Office Hours with trainer Lyz!

Not sure which course to choose? Start with the mini course and then level up! Registering for the mini course will give you access to a $39 discount code that can be applied to the full Practical Skills course.

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