Practical Skills for Vet Visits

Is your dog nervous, unsure, or excitable at the vet? Do you want your vet visits to feel more fun & less stressful? Then this course is for you!

Reducing stress at the vet is good for your dog and good for you!

Does your dog seem nervous, unsure, or excitable at the vet? Do you want your vet visits to feel more fun and less stressful? Then this course is for you!

Did you know that experiencing stress during veterinary visits is a common reason that our dogs may not get all of the care they need? Dogs who are stressed can hide symptoms of pain, act differently than if they were comfortable, and even become so stressed that veterinary professionals cannot do what they need to do to keep our dogs healthy and well. It isn't fun for dogs to experience, and it isn't fun for us to see!

The Practical Skills for Vet Visits course is designed for dog guardians who want to bring a low-stress, fun feel to their pet's veterinary care and at-home husbandry. You'll learn practical skills that you can apply during vet visits to help your dog have a pleasant experience, plus make it easier for your vet to provide necessary health care when your dog needs it.

This course is designed for dogs with a wide range of veterinary feelings and experience, including:

  • Dogs who have displayed mild to moderate signs of fear, anxiety, or overexcitement during veterinary visits
  • Dog guardians who have not observed signs of discomfort but want to bring extra fun and support to veterinary visits and at-home health care
  • All dog guardians who are interested in learning more about building lower-stress vet visits
  • Dogs of all ages, breeds, and training levels. All dogs benefit from lower-stress veterinary care!

What You Will Learn

  • How to read dog body language and identify signs of stress and excitement
  • What to bring to your appointments to support a low-stress veterinary visit
  • What to do before and during your appointment to minimize stress
  • Tips for communicating with your veterinarian, including a downloadable vet visit planner
  • Management and safety skills you can begin implementing right away
  • How to introduce your dog to handling and items and that they are likely to encounter during veterinary exams
  • The basics of using clicker training in the veterinary setting
  • Five "practical skills" to bring to your veterinary visits - pattern games, hand target, paws up, middle, and chin rest
  • Next steps for adding choice and consent to your veterinary visit training
  • PLUS weekly live virtual Office Hours with a certified trainer for one-on-one support while you work through the course! Office Hours are held every week on Tuesdays at 2pm ET and Thursdays at 5pm ET.

Practical skills for vet visits


  • Immediate access to all on-demand material, including video demos and downloadable content
  • 6 weeks of live virtual Office Hours on Zoom, hosted by a certified trainer

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