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Doing training and living life with our dogs can be super rewarding, but can also get overwhelming! From what toys and treats to choose to how to tackle training issues like barking at noises or walking without pulling on the leash, there is a whole wide world of information out there that can be hard to sort through. And if you live with and love a dog with behavioral challenges, it can be even harder to find reputable information and support for yourself and your dog.

That's where the Make It Click membership comes in!

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Lyz - Rover Rehab

Lyz is the owner of Rover Rehab Dog Training, a positive reinforcement dog training and behavior consulting company based near Boston, MA. She is a multi-certified professional dog trainer, including holding an accredited dog trainer certification through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and is a Fear Free Certified Professional. Lyz also has a background in psychology and education and enjoys using that experience to set up both her human and canine learners for success as they navigate training and life together!

Rover Rehab specializes in newly adopted dogs and helping fearful and reactive dogs build their confidence. Learn more about Lyz at